Missionaries to Nepal


In July 2022, we will be deploying to Kathmandu, Nepal to serve as Foursquare missionaries.  We are beside ourselves with excitement and confident in our expectation that God is opening doors to fruitful ministry.  Having served in Nepal as FMI missionaries from 2002 to 2007, this will be both a homecoming and a new season with new roles and a new anointing.

It is a pivotal time in the life of the Church in Nepal. The Church is growing rapidly, leaders are being raised up, and churches are being planted. Because of this, the role of the missionaries to support the national church in wholistic, reproduceable, Spirit-led ministry has never been more crucial. 

We believe God is leading us to a dual role to strengthen both the mission community and Nepali leaders.  Our support for the mission community will come primarily as teachers for KISC (Kathmandu International Study Centre), an international, interdenominational K-12 school.  This work will also serve as the means to acquiring visas in a closed country for up to 7 years. LaDawn will work as a librarian at the school and with KISC’s Nepali teacher training outreach, EQUIP.  Ned will be teaching music, organizing music programs, and building student led worship teams.  If you are able, please visit to learn more about KISC and EQUIP.  It is a GREAT school.

Our work at KISC will help as many as 100 missionary families be on the mission field.  As part of a larger missionary team, will be walking in the very essence of our Foursquare call to “international, interdenominational evangelism.” Besides, MK’s are simply amazing kids.  We want to see them thrive in and out of the classroom as they live on the field with their parents.  FMI agrees that this is a great opportunity and is loaning us to KISC with a memorandum of understanding so that we can invest in the broader missionary community while continuing our 25 plus years of Foursquare ministry.

Beyond KISC, we are excited to reengage the Nepali Christian community and its leaders.  We will especially be asking the Lord to show us emerging leaders to mentor.  Having experienced for ourselves that the best ministry happens in the context of caring relationships, we believe God will open their hearts and grow their lives, their marriages, and their ministries.  We trust this will bear lasting fruit as they in turn minister in health, passion, and authenticity.  Please know that I have “well above average” Nepali language skills.  I’m not fluent, but I can teach and converse comfortably in Nepali.  I am grateful that much of my encouragement to Nepali leaders will be in their native language. 

One word we received is that “Jesus is throwing a party, that there is a big table, and that we get to host.”  This is very much in line with our desire to have a home that is frequently, regularly used as a place for spiritual fellowship, eating, and laughing.  Along with that big table, we envision having several guest rooms and a quiet, verdant rooftop that can be used by friends in ministry who need some encouragement and a change of scenery.  We know we need to grow this part of our ministry role organically and in correlation with the demands of our work at the school.  We will start with simple, life-giving gatherings, extra rooms, and open hearts.  We will be watching with expectancy how the Lord will work through this.  We are excited for the possibilities.

Lastly, there is a third potential role.  The FMI South Asia Missions Coordinator, George Butron recently shared with us that the South Asia team is small.  While we sense our calling is to Nepal for this season, we hope to be available where there is need and invitation to travel, teach and encourage (Our year-round school has 4 multi-week breaks).  Our proximity to the other South Asian countries makes travel from Nepal very strategic.  We also hope to invite leaders to join us in Nepal to refresh and recharge.


We are in the team building phase of our deployment process. We envision our team functioning like a sturdy, busy bridge.  As the “deck,” we will be in daily contact with the people God gives us to influence. The people who join our team will be the other parts of the bridge that give it its strength and its reach… the substructure of prayer and the prophetic, and the superstructure of partnering in finances.  Who is crossing the bridge? Missionary Kids, Missionaries, fatigued leaders and growing leaders, their ministries and ultimately, the lost.  Our team’s shared mission is to get help them to “get across” and fulfill their callings.  Galatians 6:2 says, “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”  We love and embrace this imagery because we believe everyone has a role in fulfilling the Great Commission.  We want Jesus to be glorified as many people are involved.

Regarding prayer (the substructure -the foundation): Nepal is 80% Hindu, 10% Buddhist and 10% “other religions” including Islam, animism, and Christianity at 1.4%.  It is a country of extreme poverty, an almost nonexistent safety net and extreme corruption.  HOWEVER, Nepal’s Church is said to be one of the fastest growing churches in the world.  Jesus wants the poor to hear the gospel, brokenhearted to be healed, the captives made free, the blind made to see, and the oppressed given liberty.  We have the great privilege together to join Jesus in His work.  We believe Nepal is primed for a great move of God and we believe the work we are being called to and inviting you into is at the heart of it.

Regarding finances (the superstructure -the bridge’s reach): Because we have a small retirement pension ($1,000) and a small stipend from KISC ($1,000), we have a running start regarding our total financial goal of $5,000 per month.  That leaves a balance of $3,000 per month to raise, along with $12,000 in deployment costs (furniture, a scooter, etc).  Paul says in Philippians 4:17, “Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that abounds to your account.”  I’m no Paul but allow me to share in the spirit of what he is saying -we invite you to be an integral part of this ministry, and we want God to bless you.

We are hoping God will enable us to build a “12 span bridge.”  A span can be a church, several churches, a small group, or a group of friends, or an individual.  By grouping churches and people together this way, we hope it gives the team a sense of identity and ownership within the greater whole, and the flexibility to work in relationship as “teams within the team.” We believe it will also help us have an organized, manageable format to communicate back to people in groups (“spans”) when we write, video chat, visit in the US, or even perhaps host a team.

With this in mind, we are hoping you will support us with a monthly gift of $250 (or annual gift of $3,000), and a special gift of $1,000.  It may be a big ask, and I apologize if I am out of proportion regarding how you are involved with your other missions’ outreaches.  If you feel led by God to help us with any monthly support or special gift, we will be grateful and excited to have you as part of our team.

Our timeline, as far as we can see, is to serve an initial two-year term in the roles we have described above.  After that, we will evaluate how God is leading and consider any change or development in ministry focus.  In total we hope to serve for 6 years and perhaps more as God leads.

Regarding ministry back to our sending team, we commit to be active participants in your church’s own cross-cultural ministry, to creatively and regularly keep you informed, and to invite you along however the Lord gives opportunity -we want you to fall in love with Nepal, too.

God bless you and lead you in this decision and in all the ministry you do where Acts 1:8 touches your church’s life.  Thank you for your hearts for missions.  We appreciate your considering us for this mission’s ministry partnership.


Let’s Work Together